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Witch's Brew

Welcome to Witch's Brew, the best coffee shop in Pumpkin Village! You can find a multitude of specialty coffees, potions, and Shirley Temples in this tiny shop. Almost as old as the village itself, Witch's Brew has proudly served the citizens of Pumpkin Village and its visitors for hundreds of years. Some things have changed over the years, but other traditions will never change. The shop will always be run by a local witch, so customers can get their brews and potions fresh. Step up, order your brew, and drink if you dare!

This build is composed of 1,410 pieces and comes with three minifigures (teenage witch and two young trick or treaters). I love Halloween and the fall season in general, so I wanted to create a build that honored the season. LEGO has a Winter Village line, and I think a Halloween Village would be awesome. Thank you in advance to my supporters and please comment and let me know what edits or additions you think could enhance this project!

UPDATE 1: I added sculpting to the base of the project so that the shop now sits on a hill. I also added a second tree that wraps around the side of the shop and a cap preparing to pounce a spider!

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