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Formula Leona Version 2


The Pitstop Update - Project Almost Complete!

Hello, Hojoz here back wth another update

Today I will be showing you the saftey car and all the pitboxes and walls :D

Lets start with the default one!

Here it is! The base pitbox with pit wall!

Here seen from the front and without the roof and pit wall

This is the top view

And only te pit wall

And here is the pit wall from the back

Lets see the 'Hojoz Race Administration" (HRA)'s pitbox and pit wall!Yes that is a little room for Charlie Whiting with a red button. It controls the lights that are out of view at the moment. And yes we have 2 Saftey Cars and a podium!

Here is the pits without the pit wall and roof.

And the top view again

And that's a good look at the pit wall

And here from the back

And a good look at the podium for good measure

The rest of the pitboxes just have their respective colours, cars and front wings. Anyway, those screenshots will be coming soon because I am out of time for today. See you later for the track aid vehicles!



The Transport Update

Hello, Hojoz here back with another update!

Today I want to show you the trucks that I have made. First off the 2 standard models, then the team livery's on them

Here we have the first standard truck. A 8 wide 8 wheeler with 2 minifigs and a car

Side on view And the back. 

On to the next standard truck

A small parts carrier with 1 minifig and opening side door

View from the back

And here goes the cargo. Front wing on the floor, back wing on the top and tools in the 2 boxes.

Onto Hojoz Racing's livery's!

They didn't change livery's but they have the car on there for sure!

Again, no livery change on the parts truck but they loaded their own front and back wing on it!

Onto Ferrari

The nice Ferrari colours shine in the sun. As you can see, major livery change

And once again from tthe back

Parts truck looks nice in the Ferrari colours!And the back looks beautifull too!

The wings fit in the truck nicely.

Now to Mercedes!

That grey looks ugly. But hey, that what they look like cras... Ehm in real life. Sorry about that. Still can't believe they crashed last week

Ugly grey from the back

At least the parts truck has some colour to it

Boring back

You can just make out the wings in there. Even I need glasses for that

And now the always beautifull Octan Racing trucks!

I said too much. Went overboard with the red

The doubtfull back

Parts truck looks nice though.

Here we have the back

The inside looking colourfull with the parts.


And that was it for this update. Only pit wall and pit garages to go. And maybe even a saftey car. See you next update!


The Verstappen won! update

Yes indeed, he won his first race on May the 15 2016 and as a proud Dutchman I have built a Red Bull/Jumbo styled livery on the standard Leona 3 car

Anyways, go on with your day, you have better things to do Terry!


Car Iivery's and alterations

Hello, Hojoz here!

Today I want to show you the different cars and car livery's startng with my own team, Hojoz Racing.

You maybe can't see it, but this car has a rounded off nose. This will be more clear in the third picture.

However, you can see by this picture that the back wing has got a major rebuild, adding support sections on the sides of the wing and some exhaust pipes for good measure.

Here you can see the rounded off nose better, as well as the new rims which will be on every car. You can also see the minor head protection inprovement on top of the engine hood.

I think the side on view has improved alot with these changes.

Onto the next team then, Ferrari.

I have flattened the curve of the standard car's nose a little which is (again) hard to see. I also raised the wing by one stud and adjusted the width by one too

As you can see here, the back is alot more open and the taillights have been moved from their original position

Here you can see what I have done with the back to raise the wing and what I have done on the nose of the car to flatten the curve.

This picture gives you a better look at that opened up rear and the elevated rear wing (which I love)

Anyway, onto the other major team in F1 but with the altered name, The Silver Arrows.

You can see that I modified the wing end plates on the wing to have more of a Formula E kind of wing. Also you can see the rear wing that has been raised by one lego block.Talking about the rear wing, a major transformation here for the Silver Arrows too, adding exhaust pipes and the adjusted position of the taillights as well as the raised wing in general.

Overall, the rear end has been altered alot on the Silver Arrows car, modifing the engine cover too which you can see in this side on view:

Now for a little extra present:

Yes, I made an Octan Racing car and man it looks beautifull!. I put a 1x4 instead of a 1x3 for the camera attachment point thingy's because I can.

Octan Racing has the only car wth a stock rear end, as you can see here. But that is because the stock layout suits this car.

You can see, the only aterations made for Octan Racing are the rims, that bar at the top and barely visable, a piece to make the engine cover flow into the rear wing more.

You can again see this from the side on view.

Anyway, that does it for this update. Next up: trucks to carry the vehicles on.