Steel Brothers - Steel striker convertible (updated)

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Steel striker is made by Technic and Starwars parts, he is a mini set with lot of details and great flexibility, which I will introduce step by step. If you are looking for something to enrich your robot army, Steel striker could be one of your valuable choice ... it contains over 100 pieces and hopefully costs less than 20 US dollars per single.

The above photos are showing a mech view and a robot view (after tranformation)

Let's take a look from rare & side. Due to usage of all those technic parts, this mini model gives good sense of mechanic, right? ^_^

Couple of details showed above, and here is the summary of key features:
- Agile arm & legs
- Single laser eye in the front
- Rotatable gatling gun on right arm
- 2 short-rage cannons right besides thigh
- Stealth dual long distance cannon on the back
- Stealth globular radar besides the Gatling gun
- Enhanced armo on the back and legs

WOO! you may think they are just common features on other war machines, then please bear with me and we will explore more interesting characters as below:

1st flexibility (right side above) ... dual long distance cannon on the back!

2nd flexibility as above, which is definitely the most exciting part! Transforming into robot mode!

Kindly be noted, Steel striker is fully convertible with no manual adds-on.

Well, I should say I intended to make a mini AT-ST (Star wars), but it finally comes out this way. Not bad, right? It is my personal favorite now and sincerely hope you do as well!

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Enjoy LEGO!