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The Beverly Hillbillies


The Beverly Hillbillies was an American television show which ran from 1962 until 1971.

One day old Jed was shooting at some food, and up thru the ground came a bubblin crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea! Well the next thing ya know ol Jed's a millionaire, his kin folks told him- Hey Jed you guys need to move away from there. They said California is the place you ought to be, so they loaded up their truck and log cabin from the ozark mountains and headed to Bevery. Hills that is, swimming pools and movie stars.

This set is 2999 pieces and includes four mini figures.

1.Jed Clampit

2.Elie Maye Clampit


4.Jethro Bodine

This set also includes that odd green felt top dinner table with 8 pockets to put your chicken bones.

Also stop by granny's kitchen this evening for super, as there will be viddles, maybe some possum stew, and some other tasty southern delights!

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