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Tesla Model X (1:16)


Trying out different designs for a Tesla Supercharger

At the moment I am trying out different designs for an addon: A Tesla Supercharger.

On the left side you can see a Model S as a size comparison.


Thanks for over 200 votes / Shall I add something to the project?


I just wanted to say thanks for the support so far since it is my first project, that got over 200 votes :). Hopefully this trend will continue.

Question: Is there something, that I should add to the car? Like a Supercharger for example? On one side that could be a neat idea, but on the other side it could reduce the chance, that this project will get made due to a higher number of bricks.


Further improvements

Thanks to the user "Brick Bros." I changed the C-pillars to get better window lines. I am also trying to optimize the internal structure (+ finding flaws, that I haven't seen before) to make the model more stable. Picture updates will probably released by me, when I have found enough to make it worthwile (otherwise I might end up with dozens of pictures because I changed one brick XD).


Do you have ideas, how to improve this project? (Round 2)

When I asked you, how to improve this project I got one suggestion, that is quite important, too:
-the backdoors should work/move like falcon wing doors and not like gullwing doors

In that case I can tell you, that the doors have two axes of movement so that they move like the real versions. Only the pictures make the impression, that there is only one axis of movement.

In other news: Do you still have ideas, how to make this project better? Maybe I only got one hint, because the project isn't that well known or because it is overall okay (that would be good). I don't know, which of the two points is true.


Do you have ideas, how to improve this project?

Like the title of this update already says: Do you have ideas how to improve this project? I mean: It's nice, if I get support, "That's cool" and all that stuff, but suggestions, how to make this project better, would also be nice additions. I have some ideas already floating through my head, but you may come up with things I haven't thought of.


Colour/Paint Overview

Based on the current paint options available for the Model S and pictures from the Model X configurator I made an overview.

It includes brick colours, that are currently used (although that doesn't say how many bricks are produced in each colour) and (hopefully) fit to the actual paint options. In case, that this project actually becomes a real set, it will probably produced in only one of those colour options.

(1)black (2)white (3)grey*

(4)blue (5)medium grey**  (6)red

*the closest thing to titanium metallic

**the closest thing to silver metallic



I think, that the next update(s) will be about improvements to the car itself, when I find better ways to construct some elements or reduce the part count (since that one is quite high with almost 1500 bricks).