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Modular Train Cars


This is a set that is meant to add multiplayer fun and unique cars to your LEGO train collection.

This set uses 4 bases that can be combined with the 7 different car tops.  The cars are as follows, a Santa Fe Super Chief dummy engine, a Burlington Northern refrigerator car, a Soo Line caboose, 1 log car with all logs and one that’s split between logs and pipes, a Octan fuel car, and one car carrying a tractor. 2 tops can go on the long base, 4 on the medium bases, and 1 on the small one.

I think that this would be a good set to make because it has been many years sense LEGO just made a set of train cars. As cool as the actual sets are for trains now, those with a engine working, they don’t always have all the cars people may want for their collection. That is why I built this set, so that people could have a variety of cars that they could use at anytime while playing with their trains.

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