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UPDATE: New front picture,4 new bots, and closeup picture of the bigger bots in the back.
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Front row names (from left to right): Sizzler, AUG-O (Automated Obsequious Grater), Crabby, X-9

Back row names (from left to right): Scope, Blb (Big Little Bot), and Burnex,

Thanks everyone for the input! These names are not final and I probably change them.

This project is an original idea of mine about micro build robots that I call little bots! The idea started when i gathered a bunch of the same colored bricks and started building small little LEGO robots. I was inspired by the McWii project lil figs, and MacLane's Design CubeDudes, and you may notice that I took bits and pieces of each design and combined them into what I call little bots.

The story behind these little guys is quite interesting. I was inspired to build them after watching Disney/Pixar's WALL-E, and messing around with a couple of the same colored pieces from my collection. I made one, thought it was pretty cool, and got to to work on another one. One thing you'll notice is that these guys have one main color all over, and their eyes are always a different bright color. The have many different body variations and parts so each one you see will be a little different from the other

These little guys are very intricate and are very fun to build and create. I hope that you get as much pleasure at seeing these little guys as I did creating and posting them! please support them as i try my best to make my way to 10,000 supporters!

A closeup of the bigger Little bots.

Project History
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10 supporters- 2/26/14
25 supporters- 2/27/14
50 supporters- ?
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100 supporters- ?

Close up of the mini little bots

The dragon requested for

the aquatic little bot requested for

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