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The Family House


The idea of this project is to represent an ordinary family with the daily newspaper. The days for this family follows themselves and resembles, the dad, the mom will work and the children has the school, once those if finished this family is very happy to find themselves in this splendid house. One can see there the dad who business has himself maintains it the property and the mom who supervises the children who play with the dog.

The house is roomy, while entering a large corridor which borders has right a kitchen equipped, a room and the bathroom has left a large living room with a furniture a table, a settee and a TV and a home cinema, a room.
In the corridor draws up a staircase to reach has the stage, which this composes of a room to listen to music, to play on the guitar, trumpet and has the computer, a room and a terrace.

I would like so much that my project succeeds because this house is very beautiful and simple has the realization, all was thought so that ofthe eight year old child can build it.

If my project thank you like to you to support.