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Pacific Rim Jaeger - Gipsy Danger 2.0


Hello all Mecha and Kaiju lovers!

I propose to commission a set to celebrate an icon from a movie that breathed new life in the Robot-Kaiju Genre, Gipsy Danger from 2013's Pacific Rim. My set is built with complete articulation in all ligaments and aspects of the robot/figure, and is ideal for stop-motion LEGO films, creating your favorite scene from the movie or just looking cool in a heroic pose. The set includes all the extras that are seen in the movie (such as the Boat Bat, and the Plasma Cannon), of which can be added and removed to the builder's tastes and desires, as well as maintaining the level of design achieved at this scale and level. With Pacific Rim 2's release around the corner, this set would be more ideal in building the hype towards release day.

This set is to become part of other Jaegar sets in the near future, allowing the builder to create their own LEGO shatterdrome, or adding them to existing sets, such as parts of a city or a ocean scenario facing off against any Kaiju (Yup, I'm looking at you, Knifehead). The Jaegar design is modular, but sturdy at the same time, and therefore allows for complete customization of the set, as well as ease of dismantling to create scenes like the Jaeger's fall on Anchorage's shores, or the rocket jump against Knifehead, the possibilities and variants are endless.

All in all, I think that this set would be a fine addition to the Genre, and would rather entail a large success, given the sheer size of the Kaiju and Robot fans in the world.

The Boat Bat and the Plasma Caster will be uploaded in an update in the near future.

If you like what you see, please hit the Support button, and leave a comment if you feel something else should be added to give the set a little bit more.....something.

Thanks for viewing!

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