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SpaceX Dragon 1


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The SpaceX Dragon is a spacecraft that was launched into space multiple times on different occasions from the SpaceX Falcon 9.
Dragon 1's main goal was to reach the ISS and resupply it and the inhabitants living inside of it.
The model itself includes 516 parts, making what would be an affordable set to buy, but it would also go well with the other space-themed sets.
The solar panel "wings" are 5x9 studs each, connected by gold hinge 1x2 plates. This makes the panels easily bendable for easy play and display.
The base is a simple base to fit the Dragon, and the solar panels attached to it
The design of the Dragon itself was very complicated, I spent almost a month just working on the top (the dome-like shape) of it as it is a weird shape and I had to draft and redraft so many times, but I finally got it! You can see the "top" above.
The "trunk" of the spacecraft is a basic design, yet strong enough to hold the big solar panels. The inside is covered by a gray circle plate for a better design.
I built this model because I have always had an interest in space, and really enjoy making spacecrafts out of Legos.
I think this would make an amazing set because, as I said above, it would go well with the other space-themed sets, and it would be relatively affordable.