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Post Apocalypse Land Speeder

                                                                Why Did I Build This
I created this build because I love post apocalypse, and I have received multiple requests to create a speeder build. So I went straight to work. This took me about 3 days to build, and I am pretty proud of it. 
                                                                      What is it?
This Post apocalypse land speeder includes 107 pieces, and it has 2 flick fires, and a hinged hatch with a blaster inside. Its fins are hinged to allow movement for steering, and it includes 1 steampunk minifigure. It is also the first build in my planned Post apocalypse series.

                                        Why Do I  Believe This Would Make A Great Lego Set?
I believe this would be an awesome LEGO set because it has features that are very engaging, and its details are all smoothed with tiles and chains.

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