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Driving School


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Hi, I'm Kiluh.
This project is my first MOC. I'm driving instructor and thought Lego City does not have any driving school. I have incorporated my ideas in this Modular Building. For the construction I have used LDD. The building consists of 2848 pieces bricks and has 3 levels.
On the ground floor there is a computer room, an office and under the spiral staircase is a toilet. From the office you can go directly run into the garage. The garage is connected to the house and if you want you can open it. In the garage there are tools and an engine block for learning and watch. Above the garage is a roof terrace, which can be reached from the classroom on the first floor.
Go back to the office: You can stretch out on the sofa, and for well-being, there is also air conditioning. At the table you can sign up for the courses.
In the computer room, there are opportunities for practice, and to make tests.

On the first floor there is a small toilet, a lecture hall and a lounge for the driving instructor. And of course, access to the roof terrace.
In Lyceum is a computer for the instructor, cozy chairs for the students and a projector for presentations.
In the lounge, I asked a few comfortable chairs with table and a kitchen built for small dishes and of course coffee. The wall can open one to play.

On the roof there is only one outdoor unit for the air conditioning, and an antenna for mobile radio and television broadcasting.

The plan is still a driving school car, which can drive into the garage. And the staff, I will add this in an update.

I wish you much fun while looking and I hope for your votes.

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