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GoldFish Bowl


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Goldfish bowl by LEGO Life Size!  A  smaller version of the Fish Aquarium.  My very first pets were goldfish in goldfish bowls, and according to my parents, I had way  too many.  If only I had a LEGO Goldfish Bowl I could have avoided trouble.  Built out of clear bricks to give it that "fishbowl" feel.  Did you know that goldfish have no stomaches and no eyelids?  Neither do these.  Hate cleaning fish bowls?  No cleaning needed.  Same flat design as the Fish Aquarium.  Great for your desk at work or at home.  Perfect for parents who aren't quite sure about any new pets.

Comes with three goldfish and a gray one that ate a little too much.  Also includes plants and fish food!  Measures 71/2" wide by 7" tall.


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