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Hello everybody :)
Did you like the back to the future car? Well i did, so i started thinking, which other movie does we all like? NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM of course, and the sets wasn't made yet, so you know, i just started building...
This is a quite big set, and here is what it contains:
The Natural Historie museum entrance, our little pet Rexy, the montre with Sakagawea,
Dexter´s mickro-jungle, the Egyptian tempel with the gold tablet, 2 Anubis-statues and Ahkmenrah, the Easter-Island head, Teddy at his horse and also the reception.

You get the following figures: Larry Daley, Nicky, Theodore Roosevelt/Teddy, Ahkmenrah, Sakagawea, Lewis & Clark, Attila the Hun & another Hun, Jedediah & Octavius, 3 Neanderthal men, Dr. McPhee the museum director, and Dexter.

At this picture you can see, the museum entrance with all the characters (exept Lewis & Clark), i have made stickers for the 2 posters, and made it look like the real one, as much as possible. At the top, there are 4 statues. The text sais: TRUTH KNOWLEDGE VISION, i know you can't see the V, but it's beacause of the camera-angle. Inside the entrance are there 2 offices, where i have made details as a coffee-machine and a coat stand. Over the 2 offices there are room for the Huns and the Neanderthals.
Then there are Dexter and his little jungle, and Teddy at his horse where i have used 2 lego flags.
You can also see the reception with the director, and last but not least our beloved easter-head. And for the " Hey Dum-Dum, did you bring me Gum-Gum? " fans i have made bubble-gum to it.

Now, the first picture is the montre of Sagake... Sakajewhey... Sagga... THE INDIAN GIRL... and the 2 explores Lewis and Clark. You also get a boat, you can see it behind them. There is glas at the front and on the top of the building, which can be removed so that you can play inside.

And the other picture, well it's Rexy, and i guess it kind of says everything by it self...
By the way, you get 2 heads for Larry, so that he can change face.

Here are some pictures of Ahkmenrah's chamber, the two statues of Anubis, are not the same as those in Indiana Jones, i have made mine different, but it's the same concept, then i have used both old and new Egyptian sticker-bricks, and the tablet is one of the old Inka-tablets, which fits perfect to Night at the Museum.

At the last picture you can see all the buildings at one picture.

Remember, this is night at the museum, the place where every brick comes to life...