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Close Encounters


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Background stories

Hi folks! As promised, here are the background stories.


Black Triangle

There are a lot of UFO sightings per year. We all know the typical flying saucer, but the lesser known Black Triangle is one of the most seen Unidentified Flying Objects. As the name says, the vehicle is a black colored triangle. The first sightings are from a long time ago and  there are still people who have seen them in this year (2014). Black Triangles can be a super secret project of the American government, but they are probably not from Earth…


Roswell Incident

8th July 1947. Roswell, New Mexico (USA). A press release mentioned a flying saucer crashed in the vicinity of Roswell. One day later, another press release said it was not a flying saucer, but a weather balloon. No one asked again about it.

More than 30 years later, in 1978, the mysterious crash came back in the news when an ufologist (ufology: science of the UFOs) had contact with an old major. The major, who wasn’t in the army any more, said the weather balloon was a lie. He said it was really an UFO. Because of that, people claimed a new statement from the American air force. They explained it was not a weather balloon, but another kind of balloon: A spy balloon, made to spy Russia.

But in 2006, the air force gave another statement. Not a weather balloon, not a spy balloon, but a cockpit dummy with mannequins.

Why did the air force changed the statement so many times? If it was just a cockpit dummy, why didn’t they tell that the first time? Because of that, more people were thinking the air force was lying. In April 2011, the air force told something different again. Yes, 3 UFOs and 9 bodies were salvaged.

A noteworthy detail is that Roswell had in the 40s the only nukes of the world. Did the aliens wanted to destroy the nukes, to save the humanity?



November 12, 1966, some men who were digging a grave near Clendenin (West Virginia, USA) saw a strange man-like creature flying. That is seen as the first sighting of Mothman.

Three days later, two couples from Point Pleasant (West Virginia) told the police they saw a man-like creature with wings and red glowing eyes, while they were driving in the so-called ‘TNT area’, an area outside the town.

The next few days, there were more Mothman sightings. “Large bird with red eyes” and “Eyes glowing as bicycle lights” were some descriptions of the creature.

December 15, 1967. The Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed and 46 people didn’t survive the disasaster. After that, no Mothman sightings were reported. Some folks even say they’ve seen the creature on the bridge before it collapsed. Did Mothman did something with the bridge? Or did he know the bridge would collapse and he tried to warn us? What is that beast?

Ufologist and cryptozoologists (cryptozoology: science of strange creatures) think Mothman was an extraterrestrial.

Wait. I said ‘was’, but the story isn’t over yet. Some years after the Silver Bridge disaster, also after the year 2000, more sightings were reported. There were even eyewitnesses who told they had seen Mothman hundreds of times, sometimes at close range.

“It seems like it doesn’t want to hurt you. It just wants to communicate with you.”


How do you think about these stories? Do you think they're true? Or are they hoaxes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.