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What is it?

This set consist of 948 pieces, the idea comes from old movies. The set takes place in the 1920’s-1940’s. There is an Italian pizzeria, which is the hideout of evil criminals. The lower storey is a pizzeria. Outside the terrace, there are two tables. A guest sits at one of the tables, who is actually a criminal.

If we go inside, we can see a big table and a piano. A guest sits at the big table who waits for his pizza. At the piano sits the pianist. If we go further, we arrive in the kitchen, where we can see the chef preparing the pizza for the guests. There is a waiter at the door who is just opening it and wants to feed the cat.

We can reach the upper storey through a staircase. There is a storage under the stairs with a broom and a shovel. The upper storey is the criminal boss’ office. He sits behind his desk and tries to bribe the chief of police who sits on a leather couch. There is also a fireplace, a small table with a “cherry juice” on it and two glasses in the office. There is another room in the upper storey where the criminal keeps his money. Stepping out from the upper storey, there is a balcony with the criminal’s favorite flower: a bunch of roses. There is the fireplace’s chimney and the restaurant’s logo on the roof. Besides the restaurant, the set contains an old police transporter, which has two police officers. The front and rear doors of the car cannot be opened.

The story that I created is about a criminal who tries to bribe the chief of police, but he doesn’t even suspect that this is a trap because the police arrive and catch the criminal.

Why you built it?
I built it because I dreamt about a set that looks back into the future but you still can play with it. Besides, I was seized by old “mafia” movies.

Why you believe it would make a great LEGO set.

I believe it would be a great LEGO set as it recalls the theme of LEGO CITY. This set is for a slightly older age group due to its story from a historical point of view.

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