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Old Western Bank


Please check out all the pictures. This is the old western bank. The windmill on the left, has a wind up motor from the lego city coast guard helicopter and really spins! I tried to include a video but I can't get a YouTube account. The bank has awesome doors that open up, and an awesome mantel piece on the roof that says bank on it. It includes 2 okay cactuses that I built and put on small sand plates. Sorry I don't have a big 32x32 sand baseplate. The bank has a cool desk and 2 green tiles for money. Sorry I didn't have lego money. There is an awesome secret room that has dynamite, barrels, a shovel, pick axes etc. 

In the back there is a small flowing river that goes past a big green bush and some grass. Thank you so much for checking my project out and supporting, I really appreciate it. Have a great day!

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