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The Shark Stealth Fighter


This ship is a futuristic stealth fighter made for quickly taking down enemy ships or for minor supply runs. The ship's appearance resembles that of a shark, hence the name. The ship is highly stable and aerodynamic, as well as fast and powerful, featuring 4 wings, a shark-like tail, 6 nuclear-powered jet propulsion engines, 2 front-facing laser cannons, a rear hidden rotational laser cannon, that doubles as 2 of the engines when not active, 2 missile launchers, and an overall sleek design. The fighter also has retractable landing stabilizers that help to light the landing zone. The interior includes a comfortable cockpit for the astronaut for long missions, an adjustable steering apparatus, a control screen and switches, and a decently sized supply hold.

My reasoning for building this set is honestly that I just love building spaceships, and the way that this one was built is based upon what parts I had around. Most spaceships tend to have really fun features, which is what I enjoy trying to implement, and I find that LEGO spaceships (and spaceships in general, but the fact that you can break these like they are being blown up is what makes them better) are overall just fun to play with. The amount of time that I have spent lying on my floor enacting space battles...


Pieces - 234
Dimensions - 17.6cm long by 20.8cm wide by 11.8cm in height

(In case anyone wants to know, these breathtaking images were rendered in Studio by Bricklink - it is free and absolutely amazing!)

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