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Upright Pianos


New pedals

Hello fellow Lego fans! This is LegoRubik's. In two weeks, I have gotten 125 supporters and 29 followers. This is a big achievement to me as none of my project has gotten more than 100 supporters. I am here to present new pedals. The last time there only two pedals but now, there are three of them. 

Here is the picture. You have to look closely to the pedals to spot the difference between the old the new one.

Stay tune for more updates when we reach 150 supporters or 50 followers.

Keep supporting and following this project. Thank you.



Hello fellow Lego fans. LegoRubik's here and I would to thank the people who supported and followed this project.

As speshy wanted, pianist would be included inside the upright pianos.

This is the pianist.These are pianos with the pianist.Once again, I would like to thank the people supported and followed this project.

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