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These three little spacecrafts look amazing, and are easy to build, I have built each of them, and they look awesome. The pictures I have posted are all on LEGO digital designer, so some of the colors including black do not look correct, but as I said, I have built each of them, just with some different colors. They are simple and kids and adults will love them alike.

I originally made them for my two little brothers, so they could play with them. I wanted them to have a sturdy ship to play with, and one that looked cool. I quickly realized the potential of these fun to build ships. To improve quality I created them on digital designer, changed some of the colors, and put it on LEGO ideas. This would be an amazing LEGO set. Little boys love LEGO's, and each of these cool designs can even be built by the youngest of boys, and still will be fun for adults who love to build.

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