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Modular Castle Project


King and Queen room

Hi to all! I'm back with another module!

This time I want to show you the King and Queen module. It's another double-size module, here there are the King and the Queen that eating toghether. It's a simple module that cannot miss into a castle!

Here some picture:

And now one picture with a new roof module:

The module is composed by 134 bricks and have 2 minifigures. One of this module will be into final project.

See you next update :-)


"Main Gate" module

Hi all!

This time I want to show you the biggest module I've designed for this project, the "Main Gate" module!

It's a big module, four times the basic module, representing the castle main entrance. The lifting bridge can be moved by LEGO Technic pieces and rope that is not represented. 

The design is simple due to project philosophy. 

Here a figure with the other module already show inside the update.

The "Main Gate" module have 218 briks with 1 minifigure. Only one of this module will be in the final project.

Before to leave you I wanto to highlight that this set is fully compatible with Castle set altready published by LEGO. 

See you next update!


Prison module and Guard module

Hi again, in this update I want to show you two double-size modules. I call that "Prison module" and "Guard module".

In the first we find a bad guy inside a cell, the skull in the back is not a good news for him!

Module dimensions are 8x16 as the one linked below:

At this point is time to assemble both, here is how they figure toghether: 

And now I'd like to join with the first module that i show into updates section:

As you can see I used three same roof modules in order to cover all the buildings.

At the end one rendered image of the contruction above:

Prison module are 152 pieces while Guard module are 153 pieces, Both modules have one minifigures. Only one module per type will be in the final set.

See you next update!



Blacksmith room and sloping roof

With this update I want show you the blacksmith room module with sloping roof module.

If you click the link below you can see the blacksmith at work. He hammering a new sword while a plate armour and an helm are placed back.

The two modules assembled are reported in the image below, view from opposite side:

The blacksmith module and the sloping roof have 127 pieces.

Only one blacksmith module will be in the set of the project.

Stay tuned for next upgrades.


Secondary Gate Module

As promise I show you the first project update. It's a basic module representing a secondary gate. It cames with one minifigure with an two handed axe. In addition a simple wall roof is show.

The image below show the two modules assembled toghether. In the set that I propose there is one secondary gate module.

Both set have 107 pieces in total, 1 minifigure and 3 weapon.

In the next update I'll show the blacksmith module.


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