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Do you need a heavy load shifted off your moon? Has your interstellar run-about broken down again? Then perhaps you need to call on the services of the AstroLifter. This sturdy spacecraft is equipped with big grabber arms and powerful thrusters for picking up and moving bulky loads. The landing legs fold up for manoeuvrability. The cockpit seats two pilots, facing in opposite directions for optimum visibility. One pilot flies the ship while the other guides from outside to ensure safe loading.

The core of this model comprises Mars Mission parts, with added black and lime-green parts to keep a simple and bold colour scheme. Yellow or orange details would also work well; the idea is to achieve an industrial high-visibility look - striped decals on the legs would look great! The two big "discs" are joined at an angle so the legs can be in the corners and to give the top surface details a pointed aspect. Nevertheless the build is quite simple to broaden its appeal. This should be a fun and stylish model with good play potential that can be launched independently of a main series. The variety of structural and detail parts ought to give plenty of alternative build opportunities. Check out the pictures to see the AstroLifter in action: You might notice some pictures show the AstroLifter carrying a bulky load. The adjustable grabber works really well. The cockpit is compact with identical details for both pilots but could easily be re-modeled if desired.

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