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The LEGO Store is such an iconic aspect of The LEGO Group’s Brand, it is (among many other things) where parents go to buy their children their first set and where LEGO models are looked after and displayed. Therefore, I created this model with those two things in mind. The building itself is designed in a modular format, making it compatible with LEGO’s Creator Expert Modular Buildings, however, I believe it can also be used as a standalone display piece.

The Build – The model is composed of 2 sections – the LEGO Store below and the apartment above – and consists of 2694 individual pieces, with the most common colour being white and the most common part being the 1x2 tile. The build for the LEGO Store is constructed using a variety of bricks, panels, and plates, and is topped by using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques to create the red plate pattern just below the apartment building. The base of the build is built on light-blueish grey 16x32 baseplates and uses a variety of tiles for it to have a clean finish. A fountain, LEGO display of a battle between a knight and a dragon (inspired by the displays found outside a handful of LEGO stores), two benches and the iconic white lamp-post can be found on the base and is built upon hidden plates. The apartment is created using a large number of 1x2 tiles place upon modified 1x2 bricks to create a finish similar to the one seen on the building to the right in set 10255 - Assembly Square. Finally, the roof of the apartment is created using a technique that is seen in set 10260 – Downtown Diner, however, is in white as opposed to the light-blueish grey that the set uses.

Interior Details – Both the apartment and the LEGO Store include many interior details. Inside the LEGO store, many builds can be found on display, including minifigure scale renditions of the 21042 Statue of Liberty, 10253 Big Ben, and 10261 Roller Coaster. Also found within the store are shelves full of sets, represented by printed bricks, a recreation of the Build-a-Minifigure stand, and the Pick-a-Brick wall (which is created using 1x1 round plates and tiles). The interior of the apartment, on the other hand, has a small bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink; a living room with a TV, couch, rug, and bookcase; a bedroom with a bed and bedside table; and a kitchen with a stove, cabinet, sink, and refrigerator.

The Minifigures – I decided to include six minifigures with the build: two LEGO Store employees and a family of four. The torso pieces for the two employees come in a number of sets, most notably the 10261 Roller Coaster, and both figures have unprinted black leg pieces. The printed pieces that have been used to create the minifigures that make up the family are all fairly common, other than the mother’s hairpiece which has not appeared in reddish-brown before and the daughter’s headpiece as the print upon it has not been used on a yellow headpiece by LEGO.

Thanks a million for reading and I hope you think the model is worthy of your support!

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