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Legion of Elites

This Set is about "General Claw" who is a super intelligent villain who wants to control the world using his army of bad guys to apply his plans. But a group of extraordinary heroes with extraordinary abilities "Legion of Elites" stands against his evil plans.

I used mainly the Lego Digital Designer to create characters & vehicles, except for the costumes design & backgronds, I used a graphic designing software. I wanted to show models of each character & vehicle in detail, but I was not able to upload more than 4 photos. For detailed photos please follow the (Updated) link Legion of Elites

I tried to keep designs simple & easy to assemble considering price if marketed.

Actually I was a Lego freak during the 80's. I used to create & design new space ships, planes & vehicles that time. Now I'm Buying Lego for my son (He is an obsessed fan of Lego too) so I started creating him new vehicles & we used to modify the characters to create new ones , then I had the idea of submitting some of what I designed to Lego through CUUSOO.

Hoping for your positive verdict, acceptance & support, to motivate me to submit also the other 3 sets I developed.

This is the the Concept Design of Each Group Costumes:
- Legion of Elites: Dark Blue & Brick Yello, With "E" Logo.
- Claw Army: Dark Red, Dark Gray & Black, With a Claw Logo

The "Claw" Army Consists of:
* General Claw:
He is the Head & the Mastermind of the bad guys.
He is a super intelligent villain who wants to control the world. But the "legion of Elites" stood against his plans.
He gathered a bunch of bad guys around him & invented mostly all the technologies they are using to apply his plans.

* Major Cyber:
He was an officer in the army but after an explosion "General Claw" replaced parts of his body with robot limbs & washed his brain.
He became the second guy after "General Claw" with a powerful body & military mentality.

* Phantom:
He is a cunning spy with the ability to be invisible using a device he holds on his chest & the ability to see in the dark using night vision glasses.
His job is to spy on enemies & to do sabotages beyond enemy lines.

* Chopper:
He is a helicopter-man.
He is not so clever like his other fellows, but when it comes to Blades he is very dangerous.

* Dr. Poison:
He is a psycho scientist who deals with toxic materials & converts them into harmful weapons.

* Claw-Men:
These men have no special abilities but they are the troops of "General Claw" and by them he is trying to conquer the world

The "Legion of Elites" Consists of:
* Commander:
He is only known as "Commander".
He is the Head of the "Legion of Elites".
He is a great strategic planner & Leadership flows with his blood.
He has a great respect from his team & everyone in the Legion considers him his father.
In addition to his leadership, He is a peerless sniper who never misses a target.

* Blast:
He is an expert in all kinds of guns & explosives, he has the knowledge of driving various kinds of heavy vehicles.
His major problem is that he some times can't control his nerves & explodes very fast.

* Rapid:
He speaks very little & rarely you see him even smiling.
He spends most of his time in training.
He combines his amazing ninja skills with the high-tech gadgets & extreme endurance to accomplish almost impossible missions.

* Jet Wing:
Jet wing is the bird of the Legion.
With his wings he can go very high & far.
He is also an expert of all flying machines invented till date.
He keeps throwing jokes & making fun of others, & that puts him sometimes in troubles especially with "Blast".

* Dart:
She has an amazing archery skill. She can split a hair with her arrow from a long distance.
She is also an ultimate athlete with high gymnastic skills.

* Seal:
They say that Seal was born in the ocean due to his diving skills & they say that he could hold his breath under water for 30 minutes.
But what ever they say, Seal is matchless under water.

Here are some of the vehicles of the set (Others are under Design with Scenarios)

* Claw Army:
- Tri Beast (General Claw)
- Sea Monster (General Claw)
- The Chopper Machine (Chopper)
- The Armadillo (Major Cyber)
- The Shadow/ Invisible Craft (Phantom)
- The Toxin Vehicle ( Dr. Poison)

* Legion of Elites:
- The Elite 4x4 (Commander)
- The Silent MiniCopter (Rapid)
- The StingRay (Seal)
- The Elite Bike (Blast)
- The Elite Tri (Dart)
- The Elite Hawk (Jet-Wing) "NEW"
- The Elite Jet-Cycle (Blast) "NEW"

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