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The Sunken Temple

Here is my build of a Sunken Temple. This is largely based on the many underwater ruins in the Mediterranean Sea that would inspire the myth of Atlantis. When I started designing this build, I wanted to portray both the beauty of ancient ruins and the underwater environment. I had always wanted to do an underwater build as it is something I had previously never tried before. I have seen many in the past, mainly shipwrecks, but I wanted to go with a different approach.

The build itself contains several details such as various ocean dwelling animals like sea turtles, dolphins, a sting ray, sharks, and sea gulls. The sea floor also contains a coral reef that includes many colorful types of coral that utilize several unique parts. It also contains one minifigure and his fishing boat. This build, like our oceans is full of life for the builder to enjoy.

I wanted to convey a sense of realism in the build as well, so I included a background that shows the depths of the oceans, along with the surface and the sky above. Finally, there is the layer of water that separates the ocean from the surface. While the structure looks flimsy, it is actually sturdy. It also had the unintended effect of giving it a wave like appearance, which gives it a sense of motion.

I believe that this build would make for a great display piece, and conversation starter. Also, it's like having your very own aquarium, minus cleaning the fish tank and feeding the fish.

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