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Studio Apartments


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The Studio Apartments is a modular building and can be attached to other buildings with technic pins. The front porch has a cherry blossom tree and a table with 2 chairs. As you walk in the downstairs unit, you will a shelf in the entry. In the kitchen there is a sink, stove/oven, counter, mini fridge, and a rotating display for all of your delicious creations! Past the kitchen is the bathroom. It has a sink, toilet, and a shower with a hidden surprise behind the true-reflection mirror! The bedroom is to the right of the kitchen. It has a TV, side table with a drink on it, and a big bed.

The upstairs unit has a front porch. This is includes a garden complete with lots of vegetables and plants, a seat, and a transparent pink umbrella. Also in the upstairs unit, there is a small apartment with a daybed, mini fridge and a small kitchenette with a sink, small counter, oven, and a stove.

I think this would be a great LEGO Set! Please like and tell me what you think about this in the comment section.

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