Product Idea

Party Surprise Brick Box

Make your parties more funny and surprising with the Party Surprise Brick Box!

This is the Party Surprise Brick Box. Personalize the box, put a gift inside, close it and share the keys. Only one lucky winner will be able to open the boc.

The set consists in:

  • A Brick pattern box. The box is a 1x1 brick at 16:1 scale.
  • 2 Technic pins 2L to close the box.
  • 6 Keys. Only one opens the box.
  • Some extra parts to personalize the box.

How it Works

The box has two panels easily removable that you can personalize. You can use the parts coming in the set, or your own parts. IMAGINATION is th limit!!!

Once you added the personalized panels in the box, add something inside, put the cover and close it by pushing the technic pins.

There are 6 keys. They all look identical when closed. You can do a game or simply make them choose one of the keys. 5 of the can't open the box, but one lucky winner will get the master key. This person has to go to the box, press the technic pins inside the box and... that's it! He can remove the cover and discover what's inside! EASY AND FUNNY!

At Birthday Parties, Meetings with family and friends, or having party with workmates. Design the box for each ocassion and HAVE FUN!


The idea started when my wife and me were searching a fun way to distribute the gifts of our wedding. We constructed the box, and designed a funny way to open it. We did a gae during the wedding and distribute the keys. The lucky winners discovered the gifts and kept the boxes for themselves. Moreover, the keys were printed with the date of the wedding.

If you want a set to liven up your parties and add some excitement, please support this project.