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Belfry of Tielt

Let me take you to Belgium and France in the middle-ages. One of the few places in the world where Belfries exist. This particular one is built in 1275 in a town called "Tielt" It's been demolished a few times since then, but was always rebuilt. This exact structure is standing since 1558-1560 and is known as the "Halletoren" or Hall-tower. The tower is a UNESCO word heritage site and a beautiful piece of medieval architecture. 

Belfries are fairly unknown since they're only found in the boundaries of the count-ship of Flanders.
They come in all styles and sizes, but they all have an impressive tower.

The set is built with +/-2500 bricks. It's more like an architectural design, it has no interior since it was built to showcase the architecture.

I hope you guys enjoy a piece of history! 

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