Octan Petrol Station

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I am aware that Lego made some gas station stuff back in 2012, and I decided to create an actual gas station, which is semi-based off of the 2007 set (same idea, completely different design). The set includes the main gas station, a sign with prices, two cars of a new design which keep minifigure compatibility, a store (I may edit this in the future to increase playability), a car wash which utilizes an extremely realistic design, and four or five minifugures (2 attendants, 1 male civilian, 1 female civilian, and one child). 6 stickers with the Octan symbol would be included with the set (4 for the station, 2 for the sign). Another sticker would be a sign for the shop, and 8 others would show the petrol prices. The car wash would use 4 stickers (One for the red arch labeled FOAM, one for the tri-color arch labeled TRIPLE FOAM, one for the yellow arch labeled RAIN-X, and one labeled CLEAR COAT for the blue arch. If this set came to production, it would require some parts to be made in colors which are currently not available for them (ex: black and red brush parts). The pumps will likely be subject to change, as I am using the 2010 design as a placeholder. See more details in the images below. Also, the car wash roof opens (see pictures below). The total piece count (minifigures not included) is 1144 parts. Feedback is very much appreciated (I accept constructive criticism), so please leave a comment if you can.

**NOTE**: I redid the car wash to make it more like the best car wash you might find at a gas station.

List of features:


-Civilian (2)


-Store/Car Wash
-Petrols station covering


-Shelves (4)
-Refrigerator (2)
-Computer Station (2)
-Gas Pump (4)
-Soap Arch
-SUV-size Side Brush (1 per side)
-Side-to-side curtain (1)
-Wrap around scrubber arch/ triple foam arch
-Tire/Wheel Brush (1 per side)
-Arch (3)
-RAIN-X Arch
-Clear Coat Arch
-Air Dryer Arch

The shop, which contains a drinks section, vending machine, and cashier. As of 4/5/14, the top may be opened easily.

The main section of the car wash. The curtain is made using flexible parts.

One of the cars that could be featured, specifically a C-segment hatchback.

The opened section of the car wash. Here you can see the curtain, top brush, side brushes, and wrap-around scrubbers.