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Cleaning Of The Future



This model is a robot that cleans for a household in the future. On this design, there is a vacuum which you can see on the front, the vacuum can move up, down, and side to side. There is also a spray bottle full of cleaner and a broom you can see both from the side. One last important factor, the eye you can see at the top is what shows the machine where to go and what to clean (it is like a robot eye)!


I made this because I wish a had one! I mean who wants to clean, well not me that's for sure. So this would be amazing to have in real life, and I mean why not start with Legos.

                 This would be a great Lego project because it would be fun for anyone to build. I loved making it and I know other people would to. THANK YOU PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!

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