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Lego Green Paradise


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This is an anime styled set showing an action scene bettween humans and robots.
The set features a human base with a medical room, a communication center, a mining station, a missile shooter turret, a landing station for a mini rescue blue mech, and a spot to store a quad, a quad and a transportation car carrying magma energy used to power up human machines, there is also a wall at medical station that can be lift down to work as a stairway in case of carrying any serious injured people.
This set would be great because it features a lot of playability and is something that people would defineatly like to get because of the style and what you can do with the pieces. Th set is also connected to an already existing theme exo force as a finale to this series, so that set would feature a seperate comic book with over 20 pages story with the first page explaining the story of exo force 2006-2008 for newcomers to understand the entire story. The set is similar to Pirates of Barracuda Bay set 21322 with being connected to an already existing theme but the overall design is more for new people to get attached to. Its a very original set that uses some old parts for better design, like baseplates and chrome. Plus it has been 15 years since exo force came out so this could be an 15 amniversary special as a final send off to the original story.