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The Evans Apartment (Good Times CBS Show)


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This set was created using LEGO Digital Designer.

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This set includes 6 minifigures based on characters from Good Times CBS Show. This set is "Dy-no-mite!" It has no top or a fourth wall for play and display purposes. The couch can be turned into a bed as seen in the show, and JJ can paint on his art easel. I wanted LEGO to make this set because they don't make as many African American minifigures, and they didn't make as mean girl minifigures in sets before they made the LEGO Ideas Female Minifigure Set / Research Institute set. So I hope this will launch more African American minifigures in more sets. (This is a set I had on here in my old account like 3 years ago)

I think fans will enjoy this set because LEGO has never made a set like this.

Minifigures included:

James Evans Sr.

Florida Evans

Willona Woods

Thelma Evans

Michael Evans

James 'J.J.' Evans

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