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Pacific Rim Jaeger - Romeo Blue 1.0


Hello Mecha and Kaiju Lovers!

I am very pleased to present the second Jaeger in my lineup, Romeo Blue! Romeo Blue is built around the same scale as Gipsy Danger (link), so it will fit in just fine if you decide to make a stop-motion film, featuring the two Jaegers figthing a Kaiju. The model, in itself, is fully articulated, and features a large amount of poseability, whilst still retaining all that Mark 1 detailed goodness. As seen in the photos provided, the Jaeger is quite clunky and blocky, but it's the USA's first ever Jaeger built, so cut them some slack.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of scenes depicting Romeo Blue in it's full glory, only a scene of it's destruction is shown. But I am certain that this model is more than Stop-Motion Picture quality. The model itself only includes the Jaeger itself, but no weaponry, as seen with the latter in the film. The model is very sturdy, and built like a tank, just like the real thing in the film!

Overall, this piece would make a great addition to any and all Kaiju and Mecha fans collections, and would more than certainly create more hype, especially with Pacific Rim 2's release around the corner!

Interestingly enough, when Knifehead attacked Anchorage, Romeo Blue was deployed to cut off the Kaiju's path to the city, but failed to do so, as the Kaiju went the long way around!

If you want to scrape up your bad boy in 18 minutes, hit that Support Button, and leave a comment as you see fit!

Again, thanks for viewing!

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