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Bombardier CRJ-200 ✈️


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   ✈️  During the summer of 2018, my family took a trip to Mount Rushmore and on the way decided it would be cool if we stopped at many airports on the way there. On most of those flights, we flew on the CRJ 700. The Bombardier CRJ 200 is a smaller regional aircraft flown to small cities. Many airlines like Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Air Canada all operate the CRJ-200. Many business travelers and frequent fliers don't like flying the plane but I enjoyed it because there were only a few people on our flights and it made it feel like a private jet! That's why I wanted to turn this amazing plane into a Lego Model so let's take a tour of this plane!

  ✈️   Inside this plane, there are 46 Seats which include 36 Coach Seats, 4 Extra Legroom Seats, and 6 First Class Seats. There are also 4 emergency exits on this plane, 2 doors at the front, and two window exits over the wing. At the front of the aircraft, there is a galley and a door leading to the cockpit. Towards the back of the aircraft, there is an opening cargo door for bags. The wings have retracting flaps and speed brakes which can be adjusted. The cabin can easily be accessed by removing the roof, and tail and you can easily place Minifigures in the seats! You can also take off the cockpit windshield and place Minifigures in the pilot seats!

  ✈️   This project took over 1 year to design and perfect but I hope to include more updates on the plane very soon. If there is anything I could improve I am always open to hearing new ideas so please let me know in the comments section. I hope you enjoy this aircraft and join us on this amazing flight which is about to depart to the Lego Store Shelves!!! Thank You.