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Life! is a representation of some wonderful and varied species from our planet.
On our planet, we have an incredible variety of plant, geological and animal species that form our nature and give it life.

Flora: Wonderful apple trees present in many corners of the world, the breathtaking pines and the growth of fungus in the form of mushrooms with their characteristic caps. Many colorful wild plants, the majestic blackberry bush or the beautiful pumpkins.

Fauna: The crocodiles and their young that will soon come out of their eggs to give way to life, the rabbits tasting wild flowers and their humble burrows, the funny frogs enjoying the fresh air, the ducklings strolling through the river, the dance of the fish after descending the waterfall, the seagulls soaring, the snakes crawling among the plants, the jumping squirrel, the Little tiger, the bee, the mouse, the bird or even the funny little pigs enjoying their mud bath.

Geology: The impressive rocks of the steep terrain, the different levels of the soil and its varied subway strata, which give life to a myriad of plant species settled in it.
All this accompanied by the clear crystal water that comes from the mountains.
These all are just some of all the species that make up life on our planet and have endured throughout our history.
As a loyal fan of nature and LEGO, in this idea, I have tried to join both passions, by representing a landscape and showing some examples of all the species that make up life on our planet at anytime and anywhere.
It could be a funny and colorful set, which would bring joy to any corner where it can be displayed separately or together with other sets.
The set includes a total of 3000 pieces (animals included). I have created my idea through the software Studio 2.0.
Thank you all for spending a bit of your time on watching my idea and bringing it to life!