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Mountaintop Fire Lookout


Thank you for taking the time to view this project!

This project is based on several different variations of fire lookout towers scattered across the United States. Fire lookout towers are used to spot and locate forest fires and then provide that info to fire suppression crews.

Based on a single 32x32 stud baseplate, the fire lookout features two levels, each with a fully featured interior. Each level is easy to remove thanks to each only being connected with a few studs.

The lower level is the storage room, and is packed with canned food. Also present is a generator, water heater, and a selection of tools.

The upper level is where the lookout does their work, and features a small kitchenette with sink and oven, a desk, a bed, and a fire finder in the center of the room. Smaller details include a toolbox under the desk and a camping lantern on the desk.

The roof features a radio antenna and a solar panel.

I intended for this set to not only be a nice display piece but also fun to play with, and the variety of included tools and props would make it easy for someone to create their own adventures on the mountaintop.

The set is made up of about 1,580 bricks.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment. If you'd like to see this set get made, please support and follow! I greatly appreciate it!