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Utility Diorama


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Introducing the Utility Diorama. This model is super unique in it's own way. I have noticed many projects similar in style as these are popular. So combing a scene with a vehicle, this project was created. It is a image/scene of a lineman working on a utility line. He is working along side a highway. The model is built on a 32x32 base plate and features many details. It has a fully detailed two lane road with striping, and two utility poles and two utility lines. The truck has many details itself! It is a white utility/bucket truck with black accents. The cab is detailed interior to exterior. The interior has two seats, a completed dash, and a steering wheel. The exterior features tow orange strobe lights and opening doors. The truck has a fully detailed utility bed with 10 tool boxes! The tool boxes vary with doors and drawers The bed also has a boom with bucket centered in between the tool boxes. It features many technic peaces enabling it to move up and down and left and right. The bucket can also be moved up and down. The rear of the truck has a set of red taillights and orange turn signals. It also has a number plate. This set contains a total of 259 bricks and would sell for $25 to $35 US currency.

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