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Gipsy Danger


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Fictional Story:

Gipsy Danger is a Mark 3 Jaeger from the movie Pacific Rim. It is the "hero Jaeger" of the film.The Jeager was launched in 2017. This Jeager saw extensive war-time action against the Kaiju during the Human-Kaiju war( 2013 - 2025) and was deployed on many occasions with other Jeagers at her side. It was also one of the four remaining Jeagers in the movie and was one of the two remaining Jeagers at the end of the movie.  It was the last Jeager to be destroyed during the war, however it's destruction marked the end of the war in 2025. 

My Story

When I saw Pacific Rim, I instantly fell in love with the Jaegers. They are just amazing, so amazing that I decided to construct my own version of the main hero, Gipsy Danger. I decided to build it in real life, which I did, but couldn't get the right photos to match it's glory. So I decided to make on LDD, which I also did.


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