Product Idea

Gaia Space Telescope

It's been a while but here is my sixth product idea submission to Lego Ideas! I present to you the Gaia Space Telescope!


What is Gaia?

Gaia is the European Space Agency's revolutionary space telescope which is surveying our galaxy as you read this. It is a space observatory of ESA launched in 2013 and expected to operate until 2022. The spacecraft is designed for astrometry: measuring the positions, distances and motions of stars with unprecedented precision. The mission aims to construct by far the largest and most precise 3D space catalogue ever made, totalling approximately 1 billion astronomical objects, mainly stars, but also planets, comets, asteroids and quasars and more.

About the model:

The main model itself is built with 283 pieces and the stand consists of 32 pieces. I built it using Lego Digital Designer, then exported it to Studio to render it. The main disc of the spacecraft is constructed by attaching six 'pizza slice' shaped segments with hinge plates to form a circular structure. The stand is a simple tripod design which would be very stable but allows a little poseability to angle the spacecraft to make it look like it is flying. I used a metallic silver colour for most of the model to give it a reflective appearance with highlights of metallic gold. Despite it being a very small model, it is packed with detail and very accurate to the real-life space telescope.

What inspired me?

I am very interested in astronomy and love all the space-themed ideas submitted here. I wanted to design a model related to astronomy and Gaia seemed the perfect thing to build: it is one of the most technologically advanced space telescopes ever launched! I think it is mind-blowing to think that Gaia is mapping a billion objects and creating a 3-dimensional map of our galaxy. I have also noticed that there seem to be a lot of NASA themed projects here but not many from ESA (the European Space Agency) which is another reason why I decided to build Gaia.


I hope you like my product idea: the Gaia Space Telescope. I had a lot of fun designing and building it and I would really appreciate you supporting my model and leaving a comment about what you like, or think needs improving, about the model. Remeber, if you would like to see the Gaia Space Telescope made into an official Lego set, then all you need to do is support! 10, 000 is a massive challenge but I'm sure we can make it! ; )

Thank you, T0BY1KENOBI