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Diamond Sword with Exclusive Creeper

Who here remembers LEGO Creator's Mosaic sets?? Very basic....and got the image across using as few bricks as possible....of course you probably thinking that those mosaics that MOC builders bring to Brick-Con are much more more eye-catching and in many cases they are......especially the fact that they take TENS OF THOUSANDS of tiny bricks to create. And yet, THOSE are the ONLY mosaics I see on Cuusoo.

BUT, with a line of LEGO MINECRAFT mosaics, fans would be able to have 3D pics of their favorite, most iconic tools, gems and even mobs from the game immortalized! AND, (using waay too much capitalizing here) I got the idea of having an exclusive Minecraft mini-fig come with every frame!

Ideas for other mosaics can include:

* Pickaxe with Steve in full Diamond Armour (although he might go better with the sword)

* Bow with Skeleton Archer

* Ender Pearl with Enderman

* Bone with Tamed Dog

* Creeper Face with Creeper (or TNT blocks)

AND we don't even have to stick to Minecraft either........ANY heavily pixelated game will do!!

PLEASE NOTE: Sadly, sword is currently unswingable. Hopefully that won't put you off voting though.

Bonus Sneak peek of my upcoming Ultimate Collector's Ender Dragon project!!!

Please comment whenever you can, feedback always helps.

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