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Tigershark Space Fighter


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I decided to submit this project as sample of my personal approach to my favourite sci-fi subject - starfighters. The subject somewhat forgotten and absent in the era of mecha design domination.
I am pretty sure that most of science fiction fans love starfighters, with iconic Star Wars X-wing as the prime example. But if we look at entertainment media history actually we won't find many examples of this class of spaceships - apart from Star Wars saga and a few other titles. In video games starfighters haven't also been widely seen since the time of 90' Lucas Arts, Origin and Violition studios PC games.

So here it is. The search of cool looking starfighter.
Design is mostly influenced by modern military aircraft and anime mecha design. Its structural design has been subdued to its shape. The origin of it is one my personal sketches which was the base for scale model in popular 1/72. The Lego model itself is an attempt to combine two elements - playability, and ability of serving as showcase model.

First element is represented by features like:

  • openable canopy allowing to place pilot minifigure inside detailed cockpit
  • retractable landing gears with "wings"/stabilizers folding accordingly
  • openable missile bay hatches showing
  • openable engine maintenance hatches 
  • set of external mounted weaponry with optional parts ready to be attached instead in hard points

Second element is represented by maximum amount of interior detail such as:

  • different color for interior surfaces in all areas where it's possible
  • complete engines
  • internally stored missiles
  • front landing gear bays detailing
  • internal details even in invisible areas to make entire model more like "real", complexed machine

Model contains 1549 bricks and it was created in LDD only.

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