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Lion's Mountain Gate


Welcome to Lion's Mountain Gate. This important trade route between two kingdoms is held by Prince Zebulun of the Lion Kingdom. However, a thieves guild has been hired by the Dragon Kingdom to spy out the castle to find any weaknesses they can exploit. They will use cunning, stealth, climbing skills, and all manner of tricks to learn the secrets of the mountain pass. They may even steal the castle treasure which is needed for paying the soldiers. The local dwarves of the mountain pass have a budding friendship with Prince Zebulun and a distaste for the thieves because they have pulled the hairs right out of their beards while they slept. 

After growing up with the Castle theme Legos, my children and I love playing and building together. My son, 7 and daughter, 5 wanted to create this castle and submit this idea. We designed custom leather armor for the thieves and if there is interest in the project we plan to design more minifigures but I hope these photos are sufficient to illustrate the idea. 

This set is built to maximize playability. The castle can be put together in two pieces in either a straight line or an ‘L’ shape. The back is open to make it easy to move the minifigures around as the thieves sneak about the castle and it is strong. There is a trap door which can land the spies into the dungeon and a secret entrance into the castle. We love the rock, foliage and wood Lego building techniques and tried to incorporate them into this design.

The set includes 3 soldiers, 1 dwarf, Prince Zebulun, 2 spies, and a mouse. Hope you enjoy it!