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2015 Honda Odyssey


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Hi there!

This is a Honda Odyssey project.

It is simple, but I think it looks very similar to the real van, and the exterior especially portrays the van. The reason I built this van, out of all the other vehicle choices, is because I love this van. It is the best-selling, safest, reliable, economical, and, (in my view), best looking minivan in the United States by many car reviewers/sellers. It has won multi awards since 1999 for being the best family van. My family owns one.

This set has great playability, which is what I designed it for (not good looks!).

It has a total of only 144 bricks, and might cost around 20$.

It has a detailed interior, and can fit 6 mini figures.

Much thanks to my good friend LoneCoyote (, for rendering this project.

I appreciate your support very very very much. Thank you!

Keep building,



P.S. I did not build this to portray the real van perfectly, I built it because of my love for it, and it is easy and simple to build.

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