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Jedi Temple


This set is a collection of some things you need to make your own Jedi temple. It allows you to make a holocron vault, library, meditation chamber and youngling classroom. It also comes with 3 jedi and 2 temple guards.


This set includes five minifigures: Jocasta Nu, Cin Drallig, Zett Jukassa and 2 temple guards. Jocasta Nu is the temple librarian and might need some reprinting. Her hair needs to be changed to white and she has a blue lightsaber. Cin Drallig is the Jedi master in charge of teaching lightsaber skills. He needs a total reprinting and his hair needs to be blond. He carries dual lightsabers. Zett Jukassa is the youngling who fights the clone troopers outside the temple in episode 3. He needs some reprinting and carries a practice saber. There is also a practice helmet for him to wear. The temple guards also wear the hood and pointed cloak but it doesn't work in LDD (it did work when i tried it with a normal cloak in real life). The will need a reprint and carry dual lightsabers.

Holocron vault:

The wall can hold the 8 holocrons and there is a holocron retrieval droid included in the set. There is also ha holo table to display the information stored in the holocrons. There are some transparent blue pieces included to make a hologram.


The library includes a book shelf and a table. The book case has multiple holobooks and a small bust of Count Dooku (which is featured in one of the deleted scenes). The table has two research stations.

Meditation room:

The meditation room has two stools for jedi to sit on and folded blinds. 

Youngling training room: 

There is a rack that holds 4 training sabers and 2 practice droids. 

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