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CyberBot Defense

The CyberBot Defense set is part of the new Time Defenders Product Collection. There have been recent reports of sightings of strange robots and some sort of Time Twisting device. But after a few weeks of rumors, the robots, dubbed “TimeBots," launched an attack on the first city they came to. And only a hand-full of people have the skills and technology needed to defend the city, and possibly the planet, from this robot invasion.

A TimeBot is heading toward the city for an invasion, and the only thing standing in his way is one of the Time Defenders. The Time Defender must stop this dangerous robot before it attacks the city.

This set is part of the new theme, Time Defenders, with 8 sets in all. I have uploaded all 8 sets to give you the chance to choose your favorite. Search TimeDefenders in the search box to see my other sets and discover more of the story behind the Time Defenders.

If you support this set, please also support the Time Defenders Theme project. Just search Time Defenders Theme to find it, or click on my username.

This is the front of the CyberBot.

This is the Back of the CyberBot

This is the Minifig, 1 Time Defender.

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