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Lego Beat Saber: The Beat Begins!



Thank you for the support on the set!


About those Original Renders, and my other Project!

Hello! So apparently the renders I talked about are not showing, so sorry about that! But I have a new project I am working on called, " Make it a Blockbuster Night", so check that out! Thanks!


Original Renders!

  Hello! I hope you like my set! While this isn't an update to the set itself, it is some of the older renders of the set! There are some big differences between the two designs. Most notably, the fact that there are no speakers, and there is no Beat Saber sign with a holder for the Beat Sabers. The speakers were added when I recieved feedback, and the sign was just a little extra thing I added. Also, the inside of the figures legs were not covered, as I found out you could color them in later (The program I used was Studio 2.0 by Bricklink), alongside the sabers hilts, which I didn't color in just due to forgetfullness! I hope you enjoyed the set, and if you want to give feedback, feel free to do so! Thank you for your time!