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Lego Beat Saber: The Beat Begins!

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 This is a Lego Set based off Beat Saber, a VR game.Originally, this was going to be a Music to our Ears contestant, however I thought it would be a better fit for a project due to some features in the set. This is a model that you can change for new patterns with 12 bricks (6 red, 6 blue). This also was made with stop motion in mind, so if you want to move the blocks towards the character, you can do that! Or, if you want your other minifigures to have the Beat Sabers, you can also do that! This is a perfect model for display, and is customizable to your liking. The set includes 252 pieces (According to the brick count in Studio 2.0 by Bricklink, which was the program I used).  Please consider supporting the set. If you have any feedback, consider putting it in the comments. I hope you enjoy this set!