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My story.
On boundless open spaces of the Bering Sea, in the gulf Norton, near the city of Nome, on a lonely island costs a lighthouse. An owner of this lighthouse is Jeffrey Damme - the retired captain of the Navy of the USA. When that long ago, together with a leg, he lost a schooner "Aunt Merry" in one fight and decided to retire. Now it with the son Markus and the cousin serving onboard "Aunt" as the boatswain, Tom contain a lighthouse.

This project consists of 2543 bicks and 4 minifigures:
Captain Jeffrey Damme
Boatswain Tom Damme
Markus Damme

The roof of a hut is removed and the lighthouse reveals

I hope to you it will be pleasant

P.S.: I decided to restart this project because the previous photos did not transfer the valid specification

P.P.S: Taking an opportunity I want to thank all who helped to gather to this project 100 Supporers:) It was my first project which gained one hundred and hope restart will gather everything 10000:)

Brick On!)