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Batman 60's movie: 50th Anniversary - the penguins submarine attack

-------------------"Holy 50th anniversary Batman!"------------------------

In 1966 Batman: The Movie was released based on the hit 60's Batman television series, and was also a landmark for dc comics as it was their first full-length theatrical adaptation of Batman and it has also became one of the greatest superhero movies of all time! [no matter how ridiculous it got].It was released by 20th Century Fox and starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin as well as most of the cast from the TV series. through out this movie the penguin, cat woman, joker and riddler use this submarine as their primarily head quarters after being forced to leave their first hide out and is the setting for the movies main battle as batman and robin battle it out with penguins vicious pirates and the 4 super criminals themselves to save commodore Schmidlapp and the members of the UN from their captors.

This build is a representation of the the Bat boat and the penguins submarine that appears in the 1960's batman movie as well as in the 60's TV series. I used reference pictures that I found on Google as well as some screen shots from the movie to stay as true to the movies design as possible in Lego form.

This model has up to 1400 pieces and contains 11 mini-figs! and the price of this set would be approximately £100- £130 or $130- $160.

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this set includes the penguins submarine with two flick fire harpoon missiles and 2 missles, and some swords for their henchman. it also includes the bat boat with the bat sonar gun to try and bring the super criminals out of hiding as well as two batarangs and hand cuffs as well as the penguins tricky buoy to trap the dynamic duo.

The bat boat features a spinning propeller, the boat has space for both batman and robin in front and 2 batarangs with them and the bat sonar gun to recreate different scenarios from the movie and the TV series.

Inside the main body of the submarine there is 3 rooms: the main bridge, the Polaris missile area and a cell/ room for commodore Schmidlapp as seen above.

The main bridge features the main steering area, the periscope, penguins penguin phone, an and area for his umbrellas as well as a table for the super criminals to plot and scheme and there is also computer and controls which run right down each side of the bridge and several areas spread around the bridge with seats for some of the villains or henchman to sit at.

The Polaris missile area features two computer terminals as well as the Polaris rocket for the riddler to write his puzzling conundrums

commodore Schmidlapp room has a table with a coffee or tea cup on it, a news paper and a small chair for him to sit upon as well as a blue telephone for him to use and a tea pot.

The play features of the submarine included in this model is:

That the penguin feet can go up and down.

Another one of the features is that the harpoon gun can rotate 360' and can also fire out its flick fire missile

another play feature is the long ropes running from the center of the ship to the end can be used to recreate scenes from the battle at the end of the movie by launching penguin down the zip line to hit batman or robin or even to escape

The final play feature is so that you can recreate the scene from the movie where the dynamic duo is trapped on the penguins tricky buoy and the penguin launch missiles at the pair, so you can try and shoot the dynamic duo whilst there stuck on the buoy or when their in the bat boat which can be accomplished by pulling one of the levers in the nose of the ship to launch the missiles and sink the bat.

The mini-figs that would be included in this set would be:

1. Batman [calm and happy face]
2. Robin [calm and happy face]
3. Joker [happy face and worried face]
4. penguin [happy face]
5. Riddler [with mask on happy face and without mask on serious face]
6. Catwoman [calm and angry face]
7. commodore Schmidlapp [happy face]
8-11. penguins pirate goons, calm face

thanks for looking. excelsior!!!

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