Product Idea

Attack of the Squid

My model is a squid that is attacking a ship.                                                                                                                          The main model is a kinetic sculpture: the squid oscillates and the ship goes back and forth ,  the scene comprends also the sea and the cave where the squid lives.

The squid is light purple and it has an angry face the ship is in a small scale , it is an old style ship in wood.

The other models are an hammerhead shark, a manta ray and a fish.The idea of ​​this model was inspired by the mechanical movement that characterizes it : the model is activated by gears . The gears are located inside the cave covered by bricks

I think that my idea will be a good set  because it is easy to build and it is suitable for all ages of people and I think it is a set that instead of being static it can move so it is fun to play whit it. One more quality is that people can see everything inside and maybe build their own moc.